Calling In Senior Back-End Developers: Here Is a Great Career Move for You

We are excited to share that after years of successful collaboration with a global leading technology player Strypes increases its influence and impact over an entire industry which is key for innovation and technological advance worldwide.

A project that started small more than 10 years ago has evolved into one of the most strategic processes for our client, which is now setting the stage for a new senior member of our team to take over the lead.

Could you be the one? Keep reading.

The Client and The Project

Our client is the world’s leading supplier to the semiconductor industry and a manufacturer of lithographic machines used for the creation of microchips. Why are they so important? Because any electronic device you have used today could not work without a microchip inside.

The project you would be involved in aims at the development of a Java 8 application to manage all dynamic components inside the machinery used for microchips production. Also, additional deliverables on our end would be key during the assembly of the machines and their exploitation by our partner’s clients.

The Team and Your Role

We are growing our team with a senior member to produce quality code and support our Java and Python developers working on the project. Strypes is strengthening the collaboration with our client on this particular project so we would expect our new colleague to take part in setting up processes and planning for future milestones such as application or code migration and modernization, CI/CD pipelines creation, in collaboration with DevOps colleagues and other Strypes teams.

What is Special about it

Our team is excited about the opportunity to extend the collaboration with the client and about the investment in doubling the team size for the project. In addition, Strypes is also gaining more responsibility on it and already having the product owner role in-house.

I could not be more satisfied when seeing the way we gain the trust of our client. With our work and true partnership with them we have proven our value and are now expanding the team. This opportunity is great for experienced colleagues from the industry who are also keen on overseeing processes and mentoring junior mates.” – shares Georgi Ivanov, Technical Project Manager at Strypes and part of the team working on the project.

“ This Project is a good example of Strypes taking ownership and increasing the added value to the customer. It is a great example of how a relationship between customer and supplier becomes a true partnership. 15 years later Strypes is still supporting and extending the project, helping the collaboration between different client’s departments and taking full ownership of tool” – admits Atanas Filchev, our COO.

Ready to take on this challenge? Check out more about the opportunity and apply HERE.


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