The Business Analyst: Bridging IT and Clients’ Business Needs

Can you think of someone really passionate about their job? Someone for whom it is more a calling rather than an obligation?

Today we are presenting to you Yanina Dzhoneva whose job at Strypes Group is not a typical technical role but something a bit more exotic. We are curious to learn more about her duties and to understand what a Business Analyst has to do with IT projects and technical teams.

What Does the Business Analyst Do?

Yanina, Business Analyst at Strypes Group

It may sound obvious at first, but have you ever thought about what it really means to analyze in depth a specific business case? According to Yanina, this is a role gathering an extensive set of skills and knowledge far beyond a single profession or scope. During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for professionals has grown exponentially due to the need for businesses to become more agile regardless of their industry and legacy. 

First of all, the business analyst is a person who deals with problems and asks a lot of questions. You really need to understand in depth a business and a project if you want to propose an effective solution, optimization, and improvement. And it is very important to win the trust of all your stakeholders who have to be really transparent with you about the processes you are involved in.” – shares Yanina.

Communication is Key

According to Yanina, you could hardly be successful in the Business Analyst role, unless you are a good communicator.

As a Business Analyst, one has to show empathy and ability to communicate effectively with clients, dev teams, users, and everyone else who is part of a project. Moreover, a true professional should find the right balance between all involved parties and maximize their satisfaction with the project flow and end result.” – she adds. 

Does Technical Background Matter?

You would assume that a business analyst at an IT organization should have a technical background and a deep understanding of programming matters. However, Yanina does not share this opinion.

It is not necessary to be a technical person. It may help you understand some aspects of a project, but it can also influence your ability to take the right decision and achieve that balance between the parties involved. All you need to make sure is that they understand each other and are on the same page about the project scope, requirements, expected results, and outcomes.

How to Become a Good Business Analyst?

Yanina shares that education is not as critical for the Business Analyst’s role as it is the experience and understanding of different businesses and industries.
Knowledge and curiosity about different businesses can turn you into a competent and confident business analyst capable of solving problems. Also, the more experience you get, the better you can support your teams as an analyst or a consultant. Here is why I often take the time to learn from the experience of my colleagues in other industries and to consider their point of view on various tasks and projects

How It Feels to Love Your Job

We can only admire Yanina and the way she speaks about her job as a true passion and a calling.

I love my job mainly because every business case is unique, and you must be flexible and creative when addressing your client’s needs. I understand my profession as one dedicated to helping people cope with different problems and progress further. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people and teams whose expectations have been exceeded thanks to your work on a business case. And I wish everyone feels the same way about their job and every single day spent at work.” – admits Yanina.

Why has Strypes Group Turned Out to be the Right Place for Yanina as a Business Analyst

Many companies need professionals like Yanina to optimize their work, but she has chosen one that stands out.

“You could rarely see a company in which people from all levels are so client-oriented and open to sharing know-how and experience. It is impressive that Strypes keeps such a culture and internal spirit of one big family, despite its size and continuous growth. I can definitely admit that to me my job at Strypes is a very positive emotion.” – shares Yanina about her job.


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