Bringing Back to Society: Strypes Supporting Amref Flying Doctors

It is always good to see how a company makes an impact in business and plays a main role in global technological advance. It is even more exciting to see how this company and its people demonstrate social responsibility and bring back value and support to society.

Today we would like to tell the story of Rob Hendriks who is part of ICT Group and who is now dealing with a very noble cause in favor of the most vulnerable population in Africa.


Amref Flying Doctors and the Fight for Health

Amref Flying Doctors has a purpose to structurally improve the health of the most vulnerable populations in Africa. As an African organization Amref Flying Doctors uses the own strength of the African people. They aim at providing elementary healthcare, clean water, and hygiene to all people in Africa.

Every year the organization holds the well-known Africa Classic – a special experience, a physical effort, and a mental challenge for all participants. They have the chance to travel across countries on routes through wildlife areas, meet local populations, and camp in the wilderness. In 2022 Africa Classic will be held in Tanzania and Kenya and all participants can choose their preferred location to visit. The funds raised from participants are spent on improving the healthy lifestyle of local populations and covering basic hygiene needs of their families. Examples could be pop-up hospitals for elementary health care or schools for educating kids on hygiene.

Meet Our Hero

We are more than proud to announce that this year we will see one of our colleagues taking part at Africa Classic Tanzania. Rob Hendriks will take part in a mountain bike tour of 400 kilometers and 4000 meters altitude around Kilimanjaro Mountain. And this is not the first time he is spending time and effort on this noble cause. In 2019 he rode the Africa Classic Uganda Challenge – a tour of 600 kilometers and 6000 meters of altitude through the beautiful landscape of Uganda.

“During these Amref visits I was so impressed by the work and stories of Amref, and especially of the local health workers, that I decided last year to ride once more in an Africa Classic challenge. I’ve convinced my wife and a good friend to join me. Next to the sporting challenge it is of course very important to raise as much funds as possible. I’m very honored that Strypes Ltd has decided to sponsor my bike tour, and therefore Amref. With their contribution over 30 families get access to clean water!” – shares Rob while preparing for the upcoming challenge.

Most of all, we are proud of Rob and admire his dedication and will to support people in need. Our company will have its small contribution to the project by donating funds for the cause and helping him make a greater impact this year. Let’s wish Rob success and spread the word about his achievement and the great initiative we support together!

Amref Flying Doctors
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