Step into Strypes Lab 2024: Ready to Dive In?

When Angel came to Strypes, he already had solid experience as System Administrator and in the field of IT technical maintenance. A former colleague mentioned that Strypes was looking for a System Administrator. Driven by the need to progress in his career, Angel saw that he didn’t have much room for growth in his previous job at a company that was in the food production industry.

“I believe that if you’re an IT professional and you want to grow, you have to be in the IT industry.”

Angel likes to go out of his comfort zone and learn new things he can apply immediately. Starting as a System Administrator, he is now IT Manager, responsible for the vision, direction and strategy of the IT department. From January 2019, he took the role of CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), responsible for improving the company security in relation to the ISO 27001 standard.

“My colleagues at Strypes seem happy, they don’t shy away from sharing information and knowledge, this is something that I missed at my previous jobs, when everyone was keeping the knowledge to themselves. From the very first day, my colleagues at Strypes helped me grow as a professional.”

He is motivated to experiment when it comes to learning––making mistakes and absorbing the lessons from them. He believes that the more experiences he has, the more fulfilling his life becomes.


Angel is very proud of his Team and the dynamics they’ve built together.

“My teammates are all great professionals, reliable at all times and great to work with. I really like their personalities. We complement each other.”

For him and his team, it is very important that the work is done in a good atmosphere and with a mood, which is the strongest side of the Strypes IT Team.

Angel is also a family man and a bit of a hidden romantic too. His personal goal is for his kids to have a stable life and a happy childhood, being a reliable father who leaves his legacy behind.

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