Aleksandar Lazov: Strypes Lab Offers Lifetime Worth of Knowledge

Today we are meeting Aleksandar while he is working on a couple of tasks as part of his new role at Strypes. Aleks is one of the newest members of our team who successfully passed the previous edition of Strypes Lab and continued his career at the company. We are curious to understand why he chose us and what made him launch a career in the world of programming.


Aleks, you are one of the latest additions to our team. Could you share more about your passion for programming and your decision to join Strypes Lab?

My first attempts at programming date back from my school years with sporadic ideas that I used to work on. Last year I decided to strengthen my skills and knowledge in C by taking advantage of various academies and online courses. What I found out is that I needed to work much harder to go where I wanted to be. By chance, I came across an ad for Strypes Lab which seemed a great opportunity to me which came at the right time.

Why did you choose C as your preferred programming language to work with?

I have a genuine interest in automobiles which I have been trying to develop as my hobby. When I went into details, I discovered that knowledge of C was one of the requirements for me to be able to work with electronics and to manipulate motherboards. In addition, I am keen on new challenges, and, trust me, learning C is a big one.

How would you rate Strypes Lab among other opportunities that you have considered for learning and development?

I really enjoyed the complexity of the program, which suited me as a person entering with basic knowledge in C. The course covers topics that you would rarely find in mass online courses or classes for beginners. In addition, academies like Strypes Lab stand out with the opportunity for live communication and interaction, real practice, and feedback, and establishing friendships with like-minded talents. Last, but not least, I admire the lecturer who was leading the academy in C and who gave us valuable knowledge and insights in programming.

And how about the way Strypes Lab was organized and conducted?

All the classes were held after working hours, twice a week, which is quite convenient for students and working people. In addition, candidates can join from a remote location which is a great advantage and an opportunity for someone living in a small town or a village in a remote area. Of course, Strypes Lab is free for all participants which takes down any barriers for participation.

Does your role at Strypes match the expectations you had when you were part of Strypes Lab?

This is my first job in the industry, so I had very few expectations back then. However, every single day at Strypes proves to me that I made the right choice and found a great place to stay and develop my career. Here you get the feeling of belonging to the team as soon as you meet your colleagues and start working together. I forgot to mention that after finishing Strypes Lab I continued my career at Strypes working remotely from a lovely house outside the big city which is another great advantage of being here.

What would you advise candidates who consider joining Strypes Lab?

Even if you are not sure that you want to grow your career in programming with a particular language or technology, I would encourage you to take this step and join the academy. Strypes Lab offers lifetime worth of knowledge which you can use in many different roles at different companies. What you only need is to keep practicing and upskilling all the time. Personally, I would support all my friends interested in software development to apply for the next editions.

Apart from your career in programming, you are…?

Before I joined Strypes Lab I used to deal with sales and gathered some experience in business. If you ask about my hobbies, those include mountain bikes, sports, automobiles, and outdoor walks. I also try to use some of my knowledge and professional experience in some of my favorite computer games.
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