Academy 4.0 by Strypes: A Next-Level Interactive Onboarding Experience for Newcomers

From pure theory to a professional practical experience within the entire onboarding process. This is how Strypes’ Academy has evolved throughout all its editions with the goal to ensure smooth introduction for newcomers into the culture, workflow, and relationships within the company.

We launched Academy 1.0 several years ago with the ambition to offer excellence in service for one of our biggest clients. We are happy that what we have built and designed for their specific needs has been recognized as a great advantage and a cornerstone for our long-lasting partnership.

Today we present you Academy 4.0. which has been a new challenge and a new great achievement for our team adding even greater value for all participants and stakeholders.

What’s New in Academy 4.0?

In the past we relied solely on the lecturing approach, but today we “throw” our new colleagues into realistic environment working on a team project form day #1. This approach puts all lectures, workshops, and exercises in a logical way and creates individualized learning paths for all participants.

We Have Training Experts

We have 25 trainers in 5 different teams, each one led by a training expert. His or her goal is to support, mentor, educate, and develop other trainers and to take care of different assets – presentations, workshops, and more while keeping them up-to-date. This step has made a significant impact on the overall process and guaranteed that we have at least 4 people who will be ready to deliver any training session according to their agenda. For us it is crucial to leverage one senior person’s experience and support the growth of many colleagues of theirs at Strypes.

We Have a Program Manager

We now have a dedicated colleague of ours responsible for the end-to-end success of the Academy – session planning and delivery, schedules, participants, lecturers, etc. Thus, we make sure that Strypes Academy is considered a major internal project for the company with significant goals and outcomes for the organization.

We Reward the Contributors

Every colleague of ours who invests time and effort into contributing to the Academy is being rewarded in a different way depending on their involvement in structuring the processes, curriculum, lectures, etc. Currently, we offer 4 types of bonuses depending on the role that our colleagues have in the Academy.

The Meaningful Impact

Every edition, every idea, every improvement we make is a step forward for us and even greater added value for Strypes and our new colleagues.

Onboarding time is reduced to minimum

Before we launched Academy 1.0 we noted the onboarding time for feature integrators and developers to be from 6 months to up to 2 years. What we have managed to achieve after Academy 4.0. is an onboarding period for feature integrators of around 1 month and a significant impact on developers’ onboarding time, as well!

We Simply Outperform

We have been happy to realize that Strypes Academy is considered a better onboarding program for our client’s business than their own internal one for new employees. We have been asked multiple times to contribute to their learning processes which speaks enough about the approach and impact we are making.

Value for Newcomers, Pleasure for Seniors

It turns out that our senior colleagues also benefit from taking part in Strypes Academy. Many of the current or past trainers have already expressed their willingness to communicate, socialize, and support new colleagues in their integration at the company. They understand the value of seeing people growing professionally and knowing that they have contributed to this.

Why Should One Take Part

Strypes Academy is not just a benefit or an onboarding experience for new colleagues. It is also a fundamental part of their career path and often the only way to get introduced to some niche-related topics that will be part of their role.

You Can’t Learn this Anywhere Else

Our biggest client dominates and sets the rules within one of the world’s most influential industries. Strypes Academy is being planned in order to keep up with their needs and focuses on niche skills and knowledge that one simply cannot gain outside of the program. We complement all of this with a dedicated repository of documentation that everyone can use to do their job with ease.

It Is a True Bonding for Our People

Imagine your first week at your new job where you are given a bunch of documents and procedures to read. No structure, no learning agendas, no one to ask for support. Is that the onboarding you expect?

Strypes Academy has proven to be a real social asset for our people who really have fun, get to know each other, and entertain while diving deeper into the subjects we are dealing with. We are trying to make everyone feel welcome at Strypes within their first minutes in the Academy.

Train the Trainer

Do you think that teaching is easy? Especially when you have to do it live in public? We have this dedicated program for trainers that teaches them all the behavior, gestures, and movements they need to own in order to present a given topic to the public. We help them learn, we help them make mistakes and learn from them, and we help them achieve self-awareness on their own and master public speaking and storytelling.

Everyone Is Invited

Strypes Academy opens the doors for everyone as a contributor on teaching, suggesting and creating content for the academy to support the integration of newcomers on their roles as developers and feature integrators in the company. This creates a unique chance for everyone to leverage their experience and increase the added value for themselves and for the company.

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