An IT Solution Provider powered by 180 passionate and ingenious IT craftsmen

Strypes Bulgaria was founded by the Dutch entrepreneur Koen van Wijk in the summer of 2008. His vision was to base the core of the company on the Agile Manifesto and the Twelve Principles, in order create a place where business requirements and customer requisites meet perfectly.

Strypes is a proud member of the ICT Group in the Netherlands. The ICT Group is a stock listed IT company that was founded in 1978 and employs over 1000 professionals worldwide.

The collaboration between exceptional people is our way to provide Quality and Innovative solutions to our clients in the area of New Initiatives, Application Modernization and Application Management.

One of the main factors that makes us an efficient partner is that we operate with local presence on every project, this allows us to be personally involved. Learn more about our work model here.


Who is Strypes?

Together with the ICT Group in the Netherlands we consist of over 1000 IT craftsmen who take pride in crafting creative solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers and display our ingenuity.

Along with our stakeholders we operate as one united team, whose core is based on the foundation of treating each other with courtesy, dignity and respect.

We believe that embracing change is the way to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We are committed to the creation of impactful products and the solution of our customers` challenges by being a trusted partner who feels personally responsible. The foundation of Strypes is based on integrity. We speak from the heart and always do the right thing!

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