Scrum TnT (Tools & Techniques)


A lot of companies are doing Scrum but since Scrum is a framework, it gives you a lot of freedom, hence the feelings are that they are not getting all the benefits out of it, not to say the promised results and boost in efficiency. In this workshop, we start with 90 minutes of Scrum synchronisation and then the students get to ask any question they have in mind. In addition to the open Q&A session, the students will be taught all kind of tools and techniques that will fit exactly to their needs.

Audience: People with at least 6 months experience with Scrum

Duration: 1 Day


Sharpening the workshop
Scrum in 90 minutes
A brief introduction to Agile and Scrum will be provided to align participants and to bring them to the "same page"

"Pain session"
In order to understand the specific challenges and questions the group is mostly concerned with and in order to adapt the content and focus of the workshop to best suit participants' interests and challenges.

For each meeting we will cover "dos and don'ts", techniques and format alternatives, "around the meeting" and ways to kick-off/boost the meeting in the organization. In addition, we will cover ways to facilitate each meeting. 

  • Daily
  • Review
  • Retrospective
  • Planning & Refinement (Grooming/Pre-planning)
  • Futurespective
  • Gemba
  • Vipasana
  • Models and simulations
  • Kaizen
  • NAM
  • Panoramic meeting
  • Creativity boost meeting


  • Quick summary of facilitations practices
  • Practices to encourage creativity in meetings (Power point Kareoke, 6 thinking hats, "and / then", "yes and, no but", etc.)
  • Learning to "Read" the audience
  • Gamification (improving your skills through group games)

Agile Boards/charts
In these sessions we will expose the students to all kind of Scrum boards and describe what is the purpose of each board as well as the knowledge that can be derived from it. 

  • Sprint board
  • Release board
  • Visual board
  • Challenge board
  • Control charts
"I get the opportunity to learn new things all the time."
Desislava Stoyanova
Software Developer

"We work and have fun at the same time."
Veselin Dumbarov
Scrum Master

"My colleagues all feel like friends."
Todor Naydenov
Software Developer

"Projects are constantly changing, so one cannot get bored."
Nayden Naydev
Software Developer

"The people and the creative environment are what makes a difference."
Kiril Georgiev
Software Developer

"The complexity of the projects is challenging and motivating."
Atanas Filchev
Scrum Master