A safe and flawless, but also extremely efficient production process. This is of vital importance for a pharmaceutical company.

Our people have experience with GAMP standards, such as batch control, prevention of contamination, tracking & tracing and the safe storage of data.

Process automation in the pharmaceutical industry

Strypes is an appreciated partner in process automation for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. At this company Strypes employees work on a production process which demands the highest standards in every aspect.

Complete control

At the production plant where Strypes employees are employed, different high quality medicines are currently produced, including contraceptives.

Our client says: "In the production of medicines full control over critical conditions is crucial. In the production area, for example, a constant overpressure is created in order to avoid contamination from other areas. All conditions under which we produce have to be highly precise measured, recorded and controlled. "

Combination of knowledge and experience

Pharmaceutical IT is a specialty, he explains: "It requires a combination of knowledge and experience. Besides knowledge of pharmacy and knowledge to realize the necessary software, one should also have knowledge of the regulations. For example the U.S. regulations we must meet, require an extensive documentation of the production process. At Strypes they are perfectly familiar with this. The people are technically excellent, but they can also communicate well. "

Taking responsibility

The cooperation worked well so far: "What I really appreciate is that the employees of Strypes think actively with us. For example by examining how costs can be saved in a particular production system. But more important to me is the attitude of Strypes in the organization and planning of projects. The people of Strypes take their responsibility."

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