The DNA of Strypes

The founders of Strypes have earned their tracks with many large listed companies. The personal experiences and insights they have gained regarding the often overreliance on profit maximization, shareholder value creation and growth with the major software houses have led to the fundaments of Strypes. In our vision, an organization that really makes the difference, is aimed at serving customers as good as possible and at making sure that employees develop to the maximum of their abilities and feel committed to the organization. Growth and profit for the organizations are derivatives of growth and profit for your clients and employees, and not an objective in itself. This vision has led to what we refer to as ‘the DNA of Strypes’:

1. We don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the best

We consciously seek out complex projects, because this is where we see the most opportunities for distinguishing ourselves. The pursuit of groundbreaking solutions challenges our employees and gives customers a lead over their competition, knowing that ‘if Strypes can’t do it, no one can’.

2. We want to be the best employer

Our mission can only succeed when we get the best people to commit to us. That is why Strypes wants to be the best possible employer, that inspires talented professionals to display creativity, proactivity, personal growth and professional development with a good balance between work and private life. Pleasant work and an informal, collegial atmosphere are of course associated with that.

3. We mobilize knowledge and invest in innovation

Our organization focuses on various solution areas with small teams. This translates into strong mutual involvement and allows us to easily share knowledge. Since we want to be a leader in the technological field, we have to keep developing. Learning and innovating is part of the job, which we facilitate in time and money.