The unit Traffic, Transportation and Infra of Strypes consists of experienced employees with a sense of and affinity with this market. Their solid background within the traffic, transportation and infra market, both at principal (RWS), provider or knowledge institute, enables them to support and implement complex issues and projects.

Replacement operation and control of the North Sea Canal Locks

The bridges and locks in the North Sea canal are in need of a future proof control system. Strypes is collaborating in this project for client Croon Elektrotechniek. Design manager Hindrik Mosselaar called on Strypes and is very pleased with the partnership.

about Croon

For over 130 years, Croon Elektrotechniek has been the best of the best in the Dutch installation industry. The company stands at the cradle of many technological developments. Croon is responsible for the complete electrical systems in buildings, ships, industrial complexes and many other projects in various market sectors.

One of the divisions of Croon is the Infrastructure division. In large infrastructural projects, Croon operates as a specialist company. They provide complete electrical solutions for tunnels, bridges and locks.

about the project

The lock complexes of IJmuiden and Schellingwoude in the North Sea Canal are operated and controlled using outdated (PLC-)systems. This leads to a situation in which reliability and availability on the long term are insufficiently guaranteed and the end of the technological lifespan of the components is in sight. In order to guarantee reliability and availability in the future, Rijkswaterstaat Dienst Noord-Holland wants to migrate the operation and control system and has launched a project to this end. This project, that is officially referred to as “Migration Operation and Control System Locks North Sea Canal” was awarded to Croon, late 2011.

about the partnership with Strypes

The project is an appealing example of the expertise of Croon. Hindrik Mosselaar explains: ‘Our client, Rijkswaterstaat, has chosen to refrain from defining specific detailed requirements, but to define requirements with regard to the results of the migration. In other words: the end result is what counts, not the way it is achieved. Of course, we perform the design and engineering process in close consultation with Rijkswaterstaat and the client frequently audits our progress regardless of this.’

‘I am the design manager’, Hindrik Mosselaar proceeds, ‘and in that capacity I am responsible for this process. That also means that I have to make sure that the right person is in the right position. Through one of my colleagues I was pointed towards Strypes when I was looking for a quality manager / design leader. Afterwards, I brought in two more people of Strypes.’

‘They are doing a very good job, I am very satisfied with the way these people have assumed their role. I am particularly enthusiastic about the design leader. He gives his opinion and asks the right questions. Recently, Rijkswaterstaat has performed two audits, for which we received a great score. An important part of that success is attributable to the commitment of the design leader / quality manager of Strypes. It allows the developers to demonstrate good results. I am very satisfied and would certainly recommend Strypes.’

‘Funny thing, is that the people of strypes are already integrated to such an extent in this company, that everyone considers them their colleagues, a sentiment they share. That tells you something about the corporate culture within Croon, but most certainly also about the ability to adapt of the Strypes consultants. Of course, good collaboration is always important in a team, but the atmosphere is so good here that it doesn’t take long to consider each other a colleague.’

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"I am content with and enthusiastic about the people of Strypes"
Hindrik Mosselaar
Design Manager Croon