Strypes frequently organizes training sessions for Certified Scrum Master certification and in the field of Management 3.0. 


Certified Scrum Master

28-29 March, 2016

In collaboration with Agile Sparks, Strypes organizes a two-day training in the field of Scrum.

In the current dynamic project environments, agile methods are more and more chosen to be the best solution. In many cases, not all requirements are clear prior to the launch of a software development project, meaning that adjustments have to be made during the development process. In addition, it often proves to be difficult to make an accurate estimate in advance of the required development effort. Scrum is a practical way to implement the Agile methodology, and therefore is the focus of this training.

The training addresses the Scrum framework and by means of exercises based on realistic practice situations, the Scrum principles are practiced and important insights are gained. Afterwards, participants in the training are officially certified as Certified Scrum Master.

28-29 March 2016: 950 euro
Early Price: 800 expires 1 March, 2016

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Scrum TnT (Tools & Techniques) 

14 January, 2016

A lot of companies are doing Scrum but since Scrum is a framework, it gives you a lot of freedom, hence the feelings are that they are not getting all the benefits out of it, not to say the promised results and boost in efficiency. In this workshop, we start with 90 minutes of Scrum synchronisation and then the students get to ask any question they have in mind. In addition to the open Q&A session, the students will be taught all kind of tools and techniques that will fit exactly to their needs.

Audience: People with at least 6 months experience with Scrum

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"I get the opportunity to learn new things all the time."
Desislava Stoyanova
Software Developer

"We work and have fun at the same time."
Veselin Dumbarov
Scrum Master

"My colleagues all feel like friends."
Todor Naydenov
Software Developer

"Projects are constantly changing, so one cannot get bored."
Nayden Naydev
Software Developer

"The people and the creative environment are what makes a difference."
Kiril Georgiev
Software Developer

"The complexity of the projects is challenging and motivating."
Atanas Filchev
Scrum Master